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Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin stopped by Maria More‘s show and they connected on the topic of both having a child with autism:

“As a mother of a child who had to go through specific struggles, you want the best for them, but when you get this particular diagnosis you have to retrain your brain to think of your dreams and aspirations when it comes to your child to be a little bit more basic.” 

Maria chimes in on having feelings of guilt like “what could I have done differently?” and Tisha shares how to cope and get over the guilt:

“You don’t have time to feel guilty, you dont have time to feel sorry for him, for yourself, or your family, it’s time to get busy. I gave myself three days, to mourn the loss of my dreams of aspirations for my kid. Now I had to get him to just say mommy, ouch, hurt, please, love you…that’s all I needed….you gotta put in the work and you don’t have time to feel guilty, you just gotta get everybody on the same page and quick.”

If you or someone you know has a child with autism, please watch and share this exclusive with Tisha Campbell​-Martin on how to cope and support your child.

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