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Me vs. His girl best friend

Hey Steve I am a 21 year old girl I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months and just recently found out I was having a baby, about a month ago my boyfriend asked if his female best friend can come stay with us for 2 weeks, even though I never heard of her before I said yes because I trusted him and I wasn’t worried about anything between them. About 3 days into her being there I came home to find my boyfriend laying down with the best friend but he jumped up because he didn’t want me to think anything was going on. We didn’t talk for a few days but eventually we ended up talking I asked him if they have ever had feelings for each other he said no I asked if they ever did anything sexual or said anything sexual to each other drunk or sober and he said no so I had no choice but to believe him fast forward to a week and me and the best friend was watching tv she ended up falling asleep just so happen her phone was out in plain sight I grabbed it and with through the text messages between her and my boyfriend I seen how when he went home for new years he was drunk and asked her if he can take it there with her sexual but he didn’t wanna ruin the friendship they had and she basically was giving him the green light to do whatever cause it wouldn’t ruin anything I seen in the messages that he had feelings for her back in the day and I also found out he was paying for her to get her hair done and is paying her phone bill right now I’m not staying in my own house because she is there and it’s very hard for me to be in my own house at this point I don’t know if he loves or cares for me I need your help

Signed young pregnant and confused

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