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Boyfriend VS Mother

Hello Steve,

My boyfriend and I recently got back together about a year ago. While he and I were apart, my mother and I moved into an apartment together with my two kids that are also my boyfriends. Since we’ve been back together, I feel like my boyfriend has been pressuring me to help my mother move out. She has been living with us for quite some time, about 2 1/2 years now because she financially is not in the best position to try and get something by herself. Her partner/best friend died a couple years back and that really set her back. She doesn’t make a lot to afford rent alone and we have been helping each other for the most part. She pays rent, watches our children everyday that she is off free of charge. She cooks, cleans and really contributes the best she can. My boyfriend argues that it’s unfair to him because he doesn’t have his space and that I’m not taking his feelings into consideration by her being with us for so long. My mother know’s our relationship has been rocky and she doesn’t want to leave and then he and I break up and I’m stuck with a bunch of bills. He contributes to the household with his child support payments, but Steve I need some real advice. I would never tell my mother she has to leave when she is sacrificing so much of her off time for our kids and I love my boyfriend and understand he feels restricted in the house, but what do I do Steve? She is aware she can’t live with me forever, but I hate feeling like I’m given an ultimatum. Please advise.

Thank you!

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