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Subject: Don’t Know How To Tell My Fiance’

Hello Steve & Shirley,

I am a 30 year old woman in need of desperate help with a situation I put myself in and now I want to end it.  It all started when I was on Facebook and I found my ex boyfriend on there that I broke up with to be with my new man.  I am engaged to the new man we are getting married in March.   My problem is that I have been talking back and forth to my ex a lot when my fiance leaves to go to work.  I call his home where he lives with his girlfriend and I know that I am being very disrespectful on both ends because we joke about it.  I joke about getting back with him but he doesn’t take any of this as a joke he is taking me very seriously but I don’t mean any of it.  I have told him that I am not leaving my fiancee for him but he claims that has been waiting for chance to get me back, but I am not going back.  How do I tell my fiance’ about this situation that I put myself in.  Please help!


Ms. Torn


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