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Chrystal McCadden was in for the scare of a lifetime when she got a call from her son’s afterschool program on Oct. 12 in Flint, MI. McCadden was told to pick up her 7-year-old son, Caden, after he had an episode and was put into handcuffs by a local police officer.

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The school claimed that Caden was subdued by a cop after he “appeared intent” on hurting himself and his classmates. The young child suffers from ADHD.

Furious, McCadden arrived at the Brownell STEM Academy demanding that her son be released, only to be told that the officer had lost the key.

Speaking with local news station, WILX, McCadden said: “You put my son in handcuffs and you don’t have the key. What sense does that make?”

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The Flint Community Schools stated that they are currently speaking with the police to get more details on the situation. It hasn’t been clarified how McCadden’s child was removed from the handcuffs, but she is still angry that her child was subdued in the first place.

“He don’t deserve to be in no handcuffs,” McCadden said to NBC 25 News. “He ain’t in here with no knife. He ain’t in here with no gun.”

[SOURCE: The Root]


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