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Source: unknown / Steve Harvey Nation

Subject: He Was A Little Off

Dear Steve & Shirley,

Last year I dated my first black man who seemed nice, sweet and mature.  I am a creole/latin woman at first I didn’t like him but later I fell for him and he ended up breaking my heart.  He preys on nice women and he wouldn’t respect the fact that I wouldn’t have sex unless I was married to him.  He hassled me and I eventually gave in to him because I thought I was going to be raped.  I felt bad got in trouble with my church and I had to go through a repentance process. In September, I found out I have stage 2 cervical cancer and I tested positive for the 13th highest strains of HPV.  I had to have a surgery because the cancer was taking over quickly. My doctor said I couldn’t date this man because he strains were too strong.  I was so mad at the time that I stopped talking to him.  Recently I saw him and we were intimate.  Afterwards I had a fever of 103 and I had blisters the doctor said it was herpes.  We used protection and everything.  I told him that I had tested positive for herpes and he has been my only sexual partner, he accused me of being with someone else.  I told him I was done with him.  A month later he moved into my apartment complex and started stalking me.  I would see that he had a lot of women going in and out of his apartment so he was spreading the disease.  I eventually moved.  I just need to know what in the heck this man wants from me.  He told me that he really liked me because I was a positive girl and a good Christian.  He really messed me up I was naive and what bothers me the most is that he is going around spreading a disease.  My doctor said I can’t press charges on him unless he has HIV.  Please give me an honest answer Steve I am emotionally broken.

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry respond to this letter below:

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