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Dr. Ben Chavis, co-convener of the Million Man March, spoke with Roland Martin after Minister Louis Farrakhan’s stirring address during the Justice or Else rally in Washington D.C.

Dr. Chavis told Martin he believes that Justice or Else is going to be an “ongoing movement.”

“All of these people that came out today are going back to their local communities revitalized, focused, and I think undergirding them – which I think was different from 1995 – is the whole economic question. Economic parity, economic justice, economic equality,” said Chavis.

Chavis believes part of the economic component addressed by Min. Farrakhan involving reinvesting African-Americans’ $1.2 trillion in spending/buying power “is going to be good for Black-owned businesses.”

During his interview with Martin, host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, Chavis discussed the systemic problem of police violence in the Black community and the officers involved in the fatal shootings of Black men walking away virtually scot-free.

“This is a systemic problem and a systemic problem is going to require a systemic solution. [It] has to be ongoing, it’s not about putting one cop behind bars, it’s about changing the behavior of the police toward African-Americans and other people of color,” said Dr. Chavis.

He continued, “It’s interesting that while we’ve made some progress, we still have a significant racial divide in America.”

When talking about the family members of those who lost loved ones to police violence or misconduct, he said, “To see all of those family members in one spot, at one time at Justice or Else — obviously it puts now the pressure point on the “Or Else,” because we have to be a part of the “Or Else” — we have to be a part of the Or Else solution to this systemic problem.”

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