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Source: unknown / Steve Harvey Nation

Subject: DNA Proof

Good morning Shirley & Steve.

Me & my man dated in our teens, had our 1st child together, got married. I have a career & he hustled. He was in & out-of-town ALOT to the point where I felt like he was doing too much & I really wanted to be co-parents to our children but he assured me he wasn’t doing anything & he was getting his bread…Fast frwd….As a result of him lying & cheating a woman came forward stating she was 3 mos. pregnant when I was 8 mos pregnant. It CRUSHED ME. We parted ways while I tried to work through my feelings, my sanity & so on…Both boys were born, one in July, the other in December but when he showed me a photo of him months on in, he looked one of my husband’s closest friend (at that time). I wasn’t trying to be funny when I asked if took a DNA test. He told me I was hating…I was able to retrieve the photo, took it my aunt, handed it to her she stated the baby was cute & who’s kid was it?? I asked her who did it look like & she said the same man I thought it looked like. 5 years later, they both went to jail.  He’s been released & now works legitimately…He tries to do everything to make things flow, so we can get along & I try to do my part as well but every time he wants to talk to me regarding him, I tense up. I feel like I carry some sort of resent towards him because the ONE thing I do ask of him, he will not do it. In my heart of hearts I feel like he knows but doesn’t want to be humiliated/hurt. But it was okay for me to get my face cracked?? His response is, “There’s still going to a child involved”…..He lives out-of-town so I he physically doesn’t see him often. My best friend tells me what is the point after all these years, but this puts a strain on me not wanting to give my all at times & I challenge EVERYTHING, even things that I know what he is saying is accurate, it’s just it’s coming from him. If you brought this to my feet, you asked for my forgiveness & acceptance, I countered with DNA please??? Am I asking for too much??? I’m listening….



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