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Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show / Strawberry Letter

Subject: My Best Friends Baby

Hello Uncle Steve and family,

My name is (Larry) I’m a married man with 5 children I have 3 with my wife and she had 2 from a previous marriage our blended family is working well we argue like any normal family you know basic. Here is the twist I want to give my bestfriend a baby not mile high club style but going to a doc. She is reaching the age where she getting to the end of her clock and she is a great person. For the record we have been friends for 20yrs and never did the grown up. …. I love my BF and I would prefer to donate then her going to a Bank. The problem is we don’t think my wife would go for the arrangement she doesn’t like the fact that My Bf knows me better then she does. I truly want to help my BF because she truly deserves a child Please Help

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