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Steve Harvey is back with season 4 of the Emmy Award winning Steve Harvey TV Show.

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  • It’s an all new year of surprises on “Steve Harvey,” as the fourth season of the Emmy award-winning daytime talk show kicks off on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. You won’t want to miss this two-day premiere event, so big that the studio couldn’t contain it!


  • From Broadway in Chicago’s Oriental Theatre, Steve will surprise a stage full of 150 women with a theater full of 2,000 men for a two-day installment of “What Men Think: The Event!” Steve is helping to bridge the communication gap between men and women by helping them to better understand the way each of the sexes think about dating, love and relationships. Steve will dive deep into the questions that women want answers to most – like ‘Why does it seem your man never listens to what you say?’ ‘Why are guys so protective of their cell phones?’, ‘Which body area are men most insecure about as they age?’ and ‘How often do men expect sex


  • Pop culture guru Carrie Keagan and confidence coach and TV personality, Kim Gravel will field questions and comments from the men in the audience. Women on stage will compete in a game where they try to guess how men will finish their thoughts, for the chance to win an all-expense paid vacation! You won’t want to miss the season premiere episodes that everyone is talking about!

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