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Former US President Jimmy Carter Lectures In Beijing

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Former President Jimmy Carter revealed today (August 20th) that four spots of cancer had spread to his brain. In a press conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta, the 90-year-old former Georgia governor said that he initially thought he had only weeks to live when he first learned of the diagnosis. He is expected to begin radiation therapy on Thursday afternoon.

Carter remained optimistic during the press conference, saying that he’s had a wonderful life and saying that his future is in the hands of God. The 39th president also said that he would be cutting back on his worldwide diplomacy, election monitoring and public health work that has kept him very busy since leaving the White House. Carter has a family history of pancreatic cancer, which claimed the lives of his father, brother and two sisters. His mother also had breast cancer, which later spread to her pancreas.



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