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Pastor Jamal Bryant and a group of activists from around the country protested outside of the offices of the Department of Justice on Monday, demanding direct intervention in the Sandra Bland case.

“We’re asking Loretta Lynch take over the case,” Bryant told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now.

“Over the last two weeks, six African-American women have died in police custody, and so while we realize Black men have already been targeted in mass incarceration — it looks like the next in line seems to be Black women,” he said.

“Today we’ve assembled from literally all over the eastern seaboard to take a stand, not just for Sandra Bland, but for sisters who are under attack all over the country.”

When asked why this issue is bigger than Sandra Bland, Tamika Mallory of the Justice League NYC said, “I am Sandra Bland and all the women who are here today who have assembled feel the same way.”

“That officer target[ed] her and did not necessarily know anything about her background, which means that it could have been me on that street. It could be my mother, my sister, it could be any one of us at any time.”

“We cannot stand by and watch what we know is a pattern happening in this country where women are turning up dead in police custody.”

“We believe that the Department of Justice needs to do what it says that it does, and protect every citizen and every human being the same.”

Watch Roland Martin, Tamika Mallory, and Pastor Jamal Bryant discuss Monday’s protest from just outside the doors of the Justice Department in the video above.

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