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Charleston In Mourning After 9 Killed In Church Massacre

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The Charleston church reopened today for the first time since Wednesday’s attacks. There was security available for the church as the congregation packed into the space. A Black cloth was placed in the seat of Reverend Clementa Pickney who might have preached today had he not passed. The mood was solemn in the church although the city had all its churches ring bells simultaneously as a sign of respect and unity with the AME church for the tragedy that the community has faced. The service is being characterized as one of “healing.”

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In news related to the Dylan Roof trial, the trial judge has been reprimanded and removed from the case because of the public being informed that he had used racial slurs in a previous case, twelve years ago. The case involved him giving an opinion that used the N-word. Although he faced disciplinary hearing, it certainly was not seen as disruptive to doing his job. However, the case was recently made known and after what was seen as an offensive ploy by the judge – calling Roof’s parents victims in front of the families of the nine slain victims – it seems that Charleston is replacing the judge. Good riddance.


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