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Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill shot a woman (who also happens to be his friend), Gwenevere McCord in the abdomen. She is in critical condition. “He refused to cooperate and give any statement,” Gwinnett County police Sgt. Brian Doan said Monday.

An arrest warrant was issued for Hill on May 6, 2015. He surrendered, was charged with a misdemeanor count of reckless conduct, and left on $2,950 bond less than an hour after being booked into the Gwinnett County jail.

Hill, ever the controversial character is trying to dodge investigators’ efforts to finding out what happened between him and McCord. McCord has had two surgeries and is unable to speak, according to police.

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McCord’s father, Ernest McCord is also not making the investigation easier. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the situation had to have been a “freak accident” and that his daughter and Hill are “good friends.” Ernest continues, “He’s always been a perfect gentleman with us. He’s always shown concern for us and for her.”

So not only did this man get away shooting this woman, but according to reports, Hill wanted to be Georgia’s own Batman.

“My favorite thing as a kid was to play cops and robbers,” Hill told Atlanta Magazine in 2006, a year after being elected. “People pretty much know what they’re gonna do when they’re children…What we play as kids, ultimately, we end up playing on the stage of life for real.”

And he did. His first day in office, Hill fired 27 deputies and hired snipers for his office roof, in case those terminated officers retaliated against him. Those deputies ended up suing for wrongful termination, got their jobs back and the whole process cost taxpayers $7 million. And if that’s not ridiculous enough, he used tax dollars to repaint squad cars from brown to gold and black, complete with Hill’s name on them. The Clayton County Board of Commissioners sued him for that and the major officer firing in 2005. It’s also been reported that he once requested assault rifles and night-vision goggles in an effort to turn his suburban Atlanta agency into a “paramilitary organization.”

We should be proud of this man as he’s the first Black sheriff in Clayton county, but his deplorable actions would be laughable if they weren’t ruining the lives of everyone who depends on the Clayton County Sheriff.

“He’s a wild card. He’s unpredictable, but one thing that’s not unpredictable about him is his high opinion of himself,” Miller told The Daily Beast. “He thinks he’s smarter than everybody else.”

Hill wrote a statement about the shocking incident on his Facebook page, asking us to pray for McCord and her family.


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