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The six cops detained for the homicide of Freddie Gray have been released on bail that was at least $150,000 less than the bail for the teen who turned himself in for destroying a police car, according to The Baltimore Sun.

It’s a grim reminder of a still sickeningly unfair justice system.

The cops, whose mugshots were released Friday night, were all given a bail ranging from $250,000 to $350,000. Yet, as HelloBeautiful previously reported, teen Allen Bullock, who showed humility by turning himself in to authorities after pictures and video of him smashing a police car went viral, is somehow seen as a more dangerous criminal. He was penalized with an outrageous $500,000 bail and is facing a potential of life sentence.

How is that EVEN possible that the cops taken into custody for Gray are facing second-degree murder charges but were given a bail of just $250,000, which they promptly paid, and a teenager who broke a window is still sitting in a cell?

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Despite the arrest of the officers, the system continues to remind us that we cannot celebrate yet. It is clear that, in the eyes of Maryland authorities, car windows are worth more than an unarmed, innocent person’s life. Let’s not forget that Daniel Panatelo and Darren Wilson both walked away without an indictment and remained on paid leave for killing Eric Garner and Michael Brown last year.

Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby made the powerful decision to hold the six cops responsible for Gray’s unjustified arrest and death. We can already see that this is going to be a long road to challenge the state and national judicial system on just how much Black lives matter in the court room.

All we can wish is for Baltimore officials to do the right thing now that the uprisings have inspired change. And that goes for Freddie Gray and Allen Bullock alike.


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