#Blacklivesmatter is a household name, like McDonald’s, like Apple, like Nike. by: @blogzworth You send a tweet. It gets retweeted, creates a 100 impressions. As small as that seems, it’s pretty impactful. Think about it. Something you created was shared and it crossed 100 sets of eyes. It reaches twice as many people as you […]

Powerball $759 million jackpot ticket sold in Massachusetts Some lucky person in Chicopee, Massachusetts won the $759 million Powerball jackpot, the largest grand prize won by a single lottery ticket in U.S. history.  The winning numbers were 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, Powerball 4   Colin Kaepernick’s supporters demonstrate around the country Protesters in Atlanta […]

Seventeen-year-old Milan Morris is using fashion to make a serious statement about police brutality.

Plus, by 2018, 14 million less people will have insurance under GOP Healthcare bill and website sells "Drunk Lives Matter" St. Patrick's Day t-shirt online.

"Stranger Fruit's" director says this new footage proves that on the day that Brown died, he didn't try to rob a local convenience store.

Taheshia Williams claims that the police are lying and trying to cover-up their "mistake." Meanwhile, police chief maintains that Scott was armed, despite reviewed video lacking “definitive, visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun."

Dash cam recording contradicts the police officer's statements that Crutcher wouldn't show her his hands, in fact, they were up in the air.

James Burns was also charged with aggravated assault and making a false statement in relation to the June 22 killing of 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers.

"If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right."

Plus, Instagram video shows cops attacking Bronx man and Florida rapper Kodak Black under fire for "I don't want no Black b%tch" lyrics.

More than 60 organizations associated with the movement mapped out what it will really take to achieve Black liberation and equality.