Strawberry Letter: Ex-Girlfriends [AUDIO]


Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Subject: Ex-Girlfriends

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I love your show dearly am a faithful listener every morning. However am in a relationship w/ a guy I work with. We have been together for 7 months and things have been great! However he has like 3 different ex girlfriends who work with us! He does not understand why I get upset when he flirts or kisses female’s on the forehead… Or go around hugging every girl that walks in his path. Please don’t get me wrong he treats me like a queen but I am just tired of the flirts that go on at work!! My first thought would be to meet them in the parking lot and deal with it there. I have 2 kids to raise and I don’t need the trouble. Sometimes I think that maybe I don’t look as good or have the best dressed cloths as they do. None of that should matter when it comes to love anyway. Sometimes I find myself being depressed about the situation. We go to dinner and a movie , amusment parks together… the sex is GREAT! The only problem we have is his ex-girlfriends. How should I deal with this problem the right way