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Somehow we missed it back in January when Cosmo published a list: 21 Beauty Trend That Need To Die In 2015. Typical Cosmo fluff, except the photos of celebrities they used to display the trends that needed to die versus the ones they though were gorgeous were racially divided. The side by side images forced beautiful women of color and White celebrities against one another and each time, it was the Black woman or woman of color rocking the trend they wanted to slaughter this year. Coincidence?

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The article’s resurgence has seen some serious backlash, which is probably why if you go to look at it now, you’ll see a big change in the photos. Now most, if not all of the celebrities, are White. Many critics feel the images show obvious bias against women of color. It’s already rare that we see ourselves in mainstream fashion magazines and now that Cosmo wants to prominently feature us, it’s to let us know that we need to die. Great. The fashion industry is where diversity goes to die and Cosmo’s careless display of casual racism is just one small testimony to how undervalued faces of color are not only in fashion, but to the world.

Surprisingly, beautiful Black women have graced the cover of the fashion pages–Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks and Beyonce. But we all know it’s more about the star power punch they pack rather than inclusion. Cosmopolitan hasn’t released a statement, but has anyone considered that their use of women of color was to include women of color too?

What do you think–is Cosmo racist or displaying diversity?


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