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Carla Redd‘s recent honor as the first Black female Lieutenant of Rockford, Illinois was no fluke of a decision. Redd, who was formerly a Sergeant, obtains an admirable history with the Rockford Police, as her newest badge also reflects seventeen years of service with them.

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Described as a “straight-talker with a big smile,” she was officially inducted on Tuesday at the Burpee Center at Rockford University. Her teammates Daniel Watton and Joe Givens, were also just minted as lieutenants and the celebratory event was full of other promotions and rewards for policemen and women who made the Illinois city proud.

Redd was humbled by her new position and thanked her parents for their continual encouragement. In particular, she recalled her mother’s words, “It wasn’t a matter of, ‘if you’re going to college to further advance yourself’… it was where are you going?’”

Though her longevity with Rockford Police was a factor, Redd had to pass a tough Board of Fire and Police Commissioners test. But as we know now, she aced it!
She shared with local media channel ABC17, “I look forward to continuing on my career path and making Rockford a better place.”

Yasss! Black girls rock!


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