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He’s a Black woman’s dream. He’s successful, marriage-minded, handsome, believes in God and loves his momma. Shawn Bullard, a real estate investor from Philadelphia, PA is the man on “Match Made In Heaven” who has been dubbed the “Black Bachelor,” is on the hunt for a wife and naturally he’s using reality TV to find her.

What makes this one different from any other reality TV show where love is the prize, is that Shawn’s invited his mother, Maggie Bullard and Pastor Ken Johnson (the spiritual adviser to the Indianapolis Colts) to help him sort through the hopeful bachelorettes to find the one. The show’s tagline is, “sometimes you need help from above to find your true love.” Hilarious, but as much as I pray for God to send me the one, I know it’s true!

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That absolutely means that there is a lot of reality show f*ckery, but we all know that’s what makes these shows entertaining. Honestly, even if Shawn wasn’t worth $5 million, I could see how and why these women would fight over him. This doesn’t mean that I condone fighting or even arguing on reality TV, but it’s more believable than watching women battle for Flava Flav’s affections.

Shawn has everything to choose from as there’s 24 women all vying for his attention. There’s rappers, authors, self-proclaimed “Barbies” and even stripping makeup artists. This show as all the makings of bad reality TV, but that’s what makes it so good!

In case you missed the first episode, check it out above for your viewing pleasure. Also, make sure you’re tuned into We TV on Wednesday nights at 8pm/7c to watch with me! I’ll definitely be tweeting @Shawn_Bullard and using the hashtag #MatchMadeInHeaven, so you can find me!


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