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Subject: Exposed

Dear Steve & Shirley,

A month ago a friend of mines asked me to perform at a bachelor party with her and 2 other woman. I was informed that we were performing for some “deep pocket, corporate men.” There was a special request for (my side job) a plus size dominatrix thats why I was asked. The night of show I was watching the other women perform, and mingling with the guys until it was time for my performance. I’m thinking to myself this is gonna be a good fun night! The whole time I’m in my cover up and have my eye mask on. 5 minutes before I’m up, in walks my boss! I was stunned! You wouldve thought I saw a ghost! I excused myself from the guys I was talking to and took a 2 shots to shake off this suprise. I’m performing and the guys are really digging my show! After the show the guys had the option on if they wanted a private session with me (not involving sex). I had quite a few private sessions and the last one I did was my boss! Ive had a crush on him for the last 3yrs and at work he shows intrest in me. We have become really good friends over the years and we’ve actually went as far as kissing and hugging. So you know I really put on a show for him! After our session the girls and I did a final group performance and at the end I took my mask off. Boy was he shocked. He couldn’t believe the lady he was lusting for and paying good money to was me. Before I left he approached me and said “all I can say is wow I had no idea!” Now at work he looks and treats me differently. We work in a factory and I haven’t had to work hard or work at all. People were already trying to figure out if there was something going on between us before this but now they really are. Lucky for me I have a flirty personality so they don’t know if or who I like or smashing. I like my boss but since that weekend things are heating up and starting to look obvious. I’m 33 & single he’s 42 & has a girlfriend. I knew he had a woman when we fooled around at work but now he’s saying their relationship is falling apart. I really like my boss but I don’t want to get involved with him on that level because if it doesn’t work I don’t want to lose my perks but I want this man on sexual basis only. Any advice.