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Thomas Eric Duncan’s sister, Mai Wureh, expresses concern about the absence of information from his medical records. (Facebook)

Questions continue to be raised about whether Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States who died earlier this month, received the best medical care the nation has to offer at Texas Presbyterian Hospital. Duncan’s sister, Mai Wureh, (pictured) says that out of the thousands of medical pages that were released to the family by the hospital, information about the drug brincidofovir was not given, reports the Daily Mail.

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Wureh, a registered nurse, says that she had been concerned about Duncan receiving the drug. She was listed as her brother’s primary decision maker after he became incapacitated by the disease, but a hospital liaison recently told her they can only release information to his 19-year-old son Karsiah, the report says.

But hospital officials may be changing their tune, according to the Daily Mail:

 After being contacted by the Associated Press Tuesday night, spokesperson Wendell Watson said the hospital ‘will be reaching out and providing the requested information.’

Houston attorney Joseph Larsen, who has worked with medical records in past cases, says it’s not within the power of the hospital to change who can request and receive records.

‘That’s absolutely not within the power of the hospital to change that,’ he says.

Weeks says Wureh made requests including for records of lab work while visiting Duncan shortly before his death that have gone unfulfilled, along with requests for information on his cremation.

There is controversy surrounding the drugs that were administered to Duncan, because two days before he died, medical officials announced that they had NOT given Duncan any experimental drugs in his recovery.

After public backlash about the news, though, those same officials back pedaled, saying that they had given Duncan brincidofovir.

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