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Why did a coach in New Jersey cancel the rest of the football season because of his players bad attitudes and poor sportsmanship?  ..and Why did the Father of one of those children run across the field and tackle the coach when he found out…….


Funk Datt  I wonder where the attitudes came from…..  hmmmmm…..


Why was a teacher in Arizona… who happens to be white… fired for sticking up for a 9 year old boy who was being bullied and called the N-Word.  She told the group of 5 boys… “He is not alone, when you pick on him you pick on me…. It’s not 5 to 1 anymore it’s 5 to 2″… Administrators said she was too harsh on the bullies.


Funk Datt


Is this bad or not?  Why did Akon perform in a giant hamster ball while doing a concert in Africa?  Pictures show him crowd surfing in the ball… and he used it in performances in other countries…. but some are saying he used the ball to avoid  Ebola.


Funk Datt   If he did it in other places, we’re gonna say it’s part of his show…. but what would you do…


Why was a chef in Australia believed to have killed his transgender girlfriend, chopped up her body and cooked her… before he slit his own throat….


Funk Datt…….  that’s …… TERRIBLE!!!!!!!



Why was it so hard to tell…  Why were 2 Hyenas in a Japanese Zoo placed together to mate…. but they never got along… they were always confrontational and biting each other.  After a couple of years the zoo did a hormone check and found out that both were males….


Funk Datt   Nobody looked….?


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