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Kem’s bringing some interesting elements together for his upcoming album “Promise To Love: Album IV.”

Just moments after stepping off the stage at HelloBeautiful’s InterludesLIVE, the crooner dished that he’s cutting his usually soulful sound with something a little different that should deliver a new flavor for his fans. “It’s classic R&B; it’s classic Kem, and it’s got just a little bit of grease in it. We’ve got Snoop on the album. Ron Isley’s on the album,” Kem told Xfinity’s “It pays homage to classic R&B. It pays homage to Motown.”

Just to make sure that he got that authentic sound, Kem enlisted Motown’s original string arranger Paul Riser is doing his thing on “Promise To Love.” Basically, it’s going to be amazing. Kem’s already awesome, so can you imagine what he’s going to sound like with a taste of Snoop, Ron and Motown?!

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Only a handful of people got the chance to see Kem perform music from the album, and that’s just the way Kem likes it! According to him, it gives him a better gauge of what the audience is really getting into.

“I prefer a smaller audience because it allows me to be up close and personal,” he stated. “I really get to see how the music is impacting you, and I know that you get everything. You don’t always get everything when you’re in a bigger venue.”

Kem’s evidently got a hit on his hands because the crowd in Atlanta could not get enough! Just in case you couldn’t, either, you can always see his set one more time.

Catch the full InterludesLIVE in concert this Saturday on TV One 8/7PM CT and fall in love with Kem all over again!


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