Why did an Indiana 4 month old child get attacked by a group of toddlers at a daycare…. it left the child’s face full of scratches…..  the child’s mom was called at work and was told that a minor incident had occurred… she is crushed…..  she has filed a complaint with Dept of children’s services


Funk Datt         Thug toddlers on a four month old?


Why was a Canadian man charged with smuggling… when border agents stopped him at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel….  What do you think he had….  (drugs)  no (counterfeit items) Un uh…..  Turtles…

more than 50 turtles were strapped to his body and hidden between his legs…


Funk Datt      Smuggling, illegal trading, exporting…..   i guess they weren’t snapping turtles


Why did two donkeys at a zoo in Poland get separated into different pens after some mothers complained that their children witnessed the donkeys making love…. the donkeys have been together for 10 years and have 6 offspring….  The moms made Facebook pages and got support to get the donkeys separated….


Funk Datt    after a week apart the zoo put them back together concluding…  that was a natural behavior…


Why did a woman in San Francisco try to run over a parking enforcement officer…. he ended up on the hood and she drove 12 blocks with him on the hood… she claims that he was asking her to do…. “some things” instead of getting a ticket….  she says that’s when she drove off….


Funk Datt   she reportedly stopped several times where he could have got off the car….  maybe he is dedicated to his job…..


Why did a man in Germany get lucky with a slot machine….  officers were in the casino and discovered that he had a warrant… he was going to have to pay a 910 dollar fine or go to prison…  the machine started to flash and ding…  the man won 12 hundred… paid his fine in cash and kept it moving….


Funk Datt


Why is a waitress here in the ATL under arrest for swiping customer’s credit card information?   When customers paid their bill at the restaurants that she worked for she would also swipe their cards to her phone’s spark pay card reader…. authorities are at 5000 dollars and counting as more people come forward….


Funk Datt   … and to top it off she was a good waitress!!!!!!


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