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Why was a park ranger in California found in his patrol car… asleep with a beer between his legs?

Funk Dat…. Give yourself a citation…. he has been placed on leave…

Why did 3 women in Vegas seduce tourists from India then steal their Rolex watches and hide them in their…. let’s call em Tea Cakes…. the elevator security camera showed the women shoving the watches in the lady parts…. one of the women told a reporter that she just thought it would be a personal thing…. she didn’t know the police would get involved…

Funk Dat

Why did a grandfather in Houston get his 10 month old drenched while he was doing an Ice bucket challenge…

The child’s father isn’t laughing…. he said that is his soon to be…. Ex Father in Law…

Funk Dat Teach children about charities early but not like this….

Why did an Oklahoma police officer get charged with raping or sexually abusing 8 black women…. now he has an online fund where he has raised more than 7 thousand dollars in support for his legal case.

Funk Dat

Why did a groom in Pennsylvania spend his wedding night in the back of a police car… they were on a wedding cruise… the groom kept touching the waitress and even tried to pour alcohol down her throat… ( she’s pregnant by the way) The waitress’ boyfriend jumped on the groom…. and the groom’s brother (a state trooper) was also arrested

Funk Dat touch your own woman


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