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Remember when Kim Kardashian was crying like a new born baby over being naked and violated all over the internet…well we guess she’s not worried about that anymore because she just posed for GQ Magazine and she is naked on a bed in the pics. So much for trying to make everyone forget how we all met her in the first place.

The pics were entirely too over the top for us to post…but take a look at the video below for a little more description!


For someone who supposedly wants to be taken seriously, she sure does a lot to make people remember why we know her at all. The  sex-tape with Ray J will never leave our consciousness and that’s only because Kim won’t allow for it too! When we see her looking the way she does in these pics…we remember the tape with Ray J immediately. We hope at some point she starts doing other things to gain attention. This is becoming increasingly, more and more tired with each light-bulb flash of the camera…just saying!


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