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Why has a company in North Carolina come up with a product that will indicate if a woman’s drink has been spiked with a date rape drug… the Undercover Colors nail polish will change colors if she stirs her drink with her finger… Women having to go through all that…..



Funk Dat



Why did a former Band Director at an Alabama High School get arrested for having relations with 8 young girls… including reports of bondage (he reportedly was tying them up) He was just hired in south Georgia when he was arrested and extradited back to Alabama.


Funk Dat


Why did parents of a 13 year old girl in Virginia find nude pics on their daughter’s tablet?…. they asked the Sheriff’s deputies to investigate  She was sending and receiving the pics.  A High School senior was also included in the group of teens sending pics….  he suggested they hook up…


Funk Dat  had it gone any farther the senior could have been arrested and facing charges…


Why was a woman in Texas scared to death by police….  The officers pulled the woman over and demanded that she stick her hands out the window… get out and walk backwards.  They put her in handcuffs….. she begged them not to scare her children.    Then when one of the four children in the car got out… they realized there was a mistake…  Police got a report that someone was waving a gun in a tan Toyota…..   The woman was driving a burgundy Maxima….


Funk Dat   That poor woman was scared to death… she had just left Wal-Mart…


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