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Supporters of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed unarmed teen Michael Brown on August 9, have raised approximately 235,000 dollars via a GoFundMe page, but the comments left with the donations were so hateful, that the comment section had to be shut down. reports:

According to Shaun King, a community organizer in Ferguson who has been an outspoken critic of the campaign, donations are made with explicitly racist and hateful comments attached, and while GoFundMe has chosen to delete the offensive comments, it still collects the attached donations. One comment above is from a user named Jim Crow who writes, “I would have donated double this amount, but you missed his accomplice.” Another is from a user calling himself Michael Brown who writes, “I want to apologize to Darren Wilson and the people of Ferguson for my bad behavior. I was a thug and would have taken a bullet sooner or later, most likely from one of my peers or someone defending themselves from violence I instigated again [sic] them. All Darren Wilson was save [sic] the community a lot of trouble. I hope to become a peaceful butterfly when I am reincarnated. Though the guys up here in limbo with me say I’ll likely become a cockroach or parasite of some sort.”

After calls for a boycott of GoFundMe, which pockets a percentage of each donation, exploded on Twitter, the company responded by removing the offensive comments:

To date, a Michael Brown memorial page, has raised $241,504.

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