Why was a man in Mississippi beaten with brass knuckles and shot by his stepson after he reported a cross burning in his yard.  Investigators are trying to determine if people were upset that the man was visited by his mixed race grandchildren….  The attack could be considered a hate crime…


Funk Dat     what year is it again?


Why did an Ohio Morgue attendant admit to having sex with 100 dead women while their bodies were being stored for autopsies… His wife (he’s married?) testified that he reeked of sex when she picked him up from work….


Funk Dat    cheating with dead women…..  SICK… SICK!!!!!


Why did a 28 year old former English teacher from Oklahoma get caught in Mississippi with a 15 year old student in her hotel room…. the child said…. there’s nothing going on… she’s just a nice teacher….


Funk Dat      she is being charged with second degree rape…


Why was a mom in … Florida….  busted by her 7 year old son?  The mom and her boyfriend were living together when the boyfriend’s brother was told by the child… ” there is really bad stuff in mom’s car…. I want to show you….  the boy pointed out stuff for a meth lab….


Funk Dat    Don’t do crazy stuff…. especially in front of your kids….  Florida….


Why did a man in Connecticut fake his death to get out of marrying his British fiance that he met in college….  A man called saying he was the father of the groom and told the woman that his son had grown depressed and had thrown himself in front of a car….  When she called the mother…. mom said what?  no he’s fine… wedding …. we thought you had broke up…


Funk Dat…… Funk All of That!!!!


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