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Kenya Phaedra Apollo

OK let’s start this off by saying we hope that this comment was sincere…and with Miss Kenya Moore…we guess anything is possible!

Kenya took to her Twitter to address the goings on with Phaedra and Apollo by saying,

“You can’t kick someone while they are down even if they fell trying to trip you. Offer them a hand instead. #killthemwithkindness.”

And then later tweeting,

“I honestly don’t have an opinion either way.”

Let’s be clear, there was absolutely no way for her to say anything overtly mean about this situation without looking like a shady Regina George mean girl. But given the history between the two Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars, you just never know. It sort of seems like Kenya threw a little shade Phaedra’s way to us. But other’s seem to think Kenya was extending some sort of olive branch.

So, we’ll leave it to you! Take our poll and have your say!





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