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Okay so unless you’ve been under a rock today or simply have not had access to electricity of any sort…then you already know that LeBron James has decided for personal reasons that he wants to go back home to play for the Cleveland Cavs once again.

There has been speculation and debate about this decision every single minute of every single hour since it was announced regarding what Pat Riley and The Heat were going to do now. Well, Pat Riley posted a message on the Heat’s website to qwell some of the inuendo and speculation.

Said Riley,

“While I am disappointed by LeBron’s decision to leave Miami, no one can fault another person for wanting to return home. The last four years have been an incredible run for South Florida, HEAT fans, our organization and for all of the players who were a part of it. LeBron is a fantastic leader, athlete, teammate and person, and we are all sorry to see him go.

Over the last 19yrs, since Micky and I teamed together, The Miami HEAT has always been a championship organization; we’ve won multiple championships and competed for many others. Micky, Erik and I remain committed to doing whatever it takes to win and compete for championships for many years to come. We’ve proven that we can do it and we’ll do it again.”

Meanwhile back in Cleveland it is pandemonium now that the news is out that the hometown boy and fallen hero is returning. He will not be the young kid they remember. The prodigal son that they had been fawning over and treasuring since he was a little bitty ball playing tyke is very different now. He is a grown man with life’s lessons at his back. And let’s be clear…he didn’t like not being able to go back home. Not being able to raise his boys with his friend’s kids. Not being able to have the stability of neighborhoods and communities that he had been a part of his entire life was bothering him. We suspect his wife felt the same as they were childhood sweethearts and grew up in the same area.

So, maybe that was what propelled him to speak with Dan Gilbert and what eventually led him to squash their old beefs and agree to start a new.

Gilbert posted tweets about his King coming back to rule the thrown of Quicken Loans Arena…saying,


But he said more than that…Gilbert spoke in an interview about apologizing to Bron on Sunday and how the two really just sat down and worked out their issues. Said Gilbert,

“LeBron’s grown up you know…quite a bit. Besides winning championships he’s got two kids and a third one on the way…he’s a grown man now.”

WELP! That also is one more confirmation that Savannah IS indeed pregnant! Thanks Mr. Gilbert!

We’re sure we’re going to hear a lot more about what all went in to this decision in the coming weeks and months but hearing again from someone that close to the situation that the James family is about to grow by one….we’re convinced that they were homesick and wanted to go back home to be with their friends and family and to raise their seeds in the same area where they grew up.

Let us leave it with this…people often forget LeBron didn’t get those four years of college to mature and grow. He came into the league straight out of High School. It seems like Miami was his growth period and both Pat Riley and Dan Gilbert see it. Good for all parties for being classy about it this time! Salute!




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