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Subject: Broke Into A Neighbors House, Wife Was Away

Dear Shirley & Steve,

I have had a crush on my neighbor for years, he has never paid me any attention. So what I thought was when his wife/girlfriend was away I would start trying to hit on him. So when I saw him heading for the store I would go to the store, when he would go to work , I would make it my business to be outside when he leaves or when he gets back from work. Shirley, I have went to far as to picking up a cigarette butt he was smoking when he was walking home once. I was told that he worked at a Community College and RAN to sign up, although I was not able to get in the class I started to go there anyway. Now this is just some of the things that I have done to get a chance to meet or have an encounter with this man, setting in the park for hours while he there playing basketball, coming to meeting held in our neighborhood, just follow him because I just like to know where he is going, and the list goes on. Now let me tell you what happened, I noticed his wife/girlfriend goes away occasionally and he is home alone, so on night I decided to break into his house and seduce him what man would turn ME down, I mean me, I should have thought about it when I entered the it appeared to be quiet so I started looking around, and the next thing I knew I was being attacked, I was getting hit so hard I thought I was being beat with a bat. All I saw in this mans face was the hate that you would have for another man. He beat me so bad that I had a broken wrist as well as aw broken tooth, I didn’t think no one could hit so hard. He hit me for about 20 minute and through me out the front door, and was glad to be free from him. When I got home I didn’t tell anybody what happened I just stayed in the house the biggest of the time and was how could he hit me like that. Or even more did he know I was a woman or what. That happened over 2 years ago and I see him every now and then and still he walks past me like he doesn’t even know me. do you thinks he knows it was me who he beat that night?

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