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hangoverMemorial Day Weekend has come and gone, but one refreshing thing that it ushers in is the unofficial start to summer. And we all know what summer is about-weekend trips to the beach, barbeques and the first major pool parties of the season.

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Things can get wild, but that does not mean you have to suffer for having a good time! Consider the below four remedies to eliminate your hangover during this these hot and heavy (partying) weekends!

1. SOS Rehydrate

This is perfect for the hot weekend sun. This new hydration drink has six times the electrolytes than a normal sports drink and 27 percent more electrolytes than coconut water with half the calories and half the sugar. Comparable to an IV drip for treating mild to moderate dehydration, this product comes in flavors such as blueberry and lemon creating a healthy and effective way to combat thirst and prevent sunstroke.

2. Never Hungover

Summer weekends are all about the daytime activities. The only thing worse than waking up with a hangover, is getting one in the same day! Never hungover is a great tasting dietary supplement is comprised of a natural vitamin blend, antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients and minerals, you can eliminate the terrible after-effects of drinking alcohol. The drink is conveniently packaged as a 2oz serving in a bottle that can be consumed as a shot or a mixer and is designed to take up to an hour before or while consuming alcohol to experience optimal results when taking one bottle per three to four drinks. Never Hungover is caffeine and gluten free, and contains zero carbs, calories and sugars!

3. Forgiven Shots

This is the world’s first and only alcohol metabolizer that helps the body rid itself of alcohol and its by products as well as to combat symptoms of hangover. The fast-acting, two-ounce single dose units of the liquid supplement, made to be taken after after the user is finished drinking, come in grape, orange and tropical punch flavors. By expediting the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, Forgiven helps reduce the debilitating effects of a hangover. “When you’re done drinking, take Forgiven! That’s All!”


This concoction is made of natural herbs, fruits and spices, including Green Tea Leaf, Indian Gooseberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Long Pepper Fruit, Ginger Rhizome, Milk Thistle and Asian Ginseng Root, and is proven to cure those morning-after symptom. But as an added bonus – PREFUNC’s herbal blend also helps the liver filter out the “bad food,” instead of storing the fat. Plus, Licorice Root is rumored to reduce body fat, while Green Tea Leaf is said to be one of the top fat-burning organic substances.

You are essentially killing two birds with one stone, one shot at a time! You know when you drink way too much and then you want to eat everything in the world that night and the following morning? The drunken munchies…Well in case you do eat everything in your path, imagine eliminating the hangover and the guilt altogether with a shot of PREFUNC.

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