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They’re back!

Our favorite Monday night guilty pleasure Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returned to TV last night and we spent an hour catching up with our favorite cast (and a few newcomers): Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Nikko London (not to be confused with Nikko Smith), Rasheeda, Kirk, Erica Dixon, Ariane, Scrappy, Momma Dee, Bambi, Waka Flocka, Tammy, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc.

The episode opened with a 360 degree pan of Stevie and Joseline’s 18,000 sq feet mansion in the Atlanta hills. Stevie played the piano for his wife (yes, they are really married and living together) Jos, who emerged in the foyer dressed in a gown. It was quite dramatic. “Hi Daddy,” she greeted Stevie and our hearts filled with warmth because the Puerto Rican princess has returned to our living rooms to some much-needed relief to the dreadful Monday.

The first thing we noticed was that Stevie and Joseline appear to have their sh*t together (though we’re sure everything isn’t as great as it may seem). Since Joseline isn’t your typical housewife and walks around their home fully dressed with the side of her head shaved, it’s refreshing to see her and Stevie interact. After we get caught up with Stevie and Joseline, we we’re thrown into Mimi’s storyline.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Mimi and her opportunist boyfriend Nikko released a sex tape. So here’s the thing, we weren’t judging them. Hey, if that’s the life they want, so be it. However, we do not appreciate Mimi and Nikko trying to pretend like their bags, carrying the industrial camera they used to film their last raunchy session, were stolen and later sold to Vivid Entertainment (the same company that released Kim K’s sex tape). Cue Hov. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

Another aspect of Mimi’s storyline we don’t appreciate is VH1 trying to portray Mimi as this Eartha Kitt-like sex kitten straight from a “Boomerang” scene. Cut it out! All episode she was talking in her late night radio host voice while wearing a cat suit that revealed her newly-enhanced cleavage. Then she’s asking everyone, “would you make a sex tape?”

By sheer coincidence, Mimi is later told by the sloth Nikko that her sex tape she filmed with him in the Bahamas was leaked and even though Nikko knew their bags, with the precious cargo, were stolen…he didn’t tell her until it was on MediaTakeOut! Mimi cried when she found out her vagina would be on display on the Internet and if you ask us, she’d make a pretty great actress.

Is it us or is Nikko kinda gross?

After getting acquainted with what and Mimi and Nikko are pumping *no pun intended*, we caught up with Rasheeda and Kirk. Sigh. Kirk is still claiming that he doesn’t believe that he is the father of his wife’s baby Karter. We can’t stand him and his three earrings. Rasheeda revealed that she had pneumonia after she had a c-section giving birth and Kirk was there every night to comfort her and do what a husband, father is supposed to. Still, we’re going to file him in the “men ain’t ish” category with Matthew Knowles, Floyd Mayweather and Columbus Short (ouch). Kirk and Rasheeda’s relationship is still on the rocks and they aren’t even sleeping in the same bedroom. It doesn’t help that he and her mother don’t get along. Kirk made that clear when he told her to stop kissing his baby, even though he isn’t claiming his baby. Whatever.

Moving on.

Momma Dee reeemerged in the scene to cause more trouble in her son’s life. Scrappy is no longer with Erica because he screwed that up so he found a new chick Bambi. You may or may not remember her from “Basketball Wives LA.” But Momma Dee only seems to rock with side chicks and since Scrappy is just an incident away from our “men ain’t ish” he often has a side chick in the stable. Momma Dee alluded to another “egg in his basket” which alarmed Bambi. Scrappy brushed it off just as he does his mother’s royal act. We’ll be meeting Scrappy’s appetizer piece soon.

Stevie and Joseline threw a post-marital birthday bash since they’re birthday’s are days apart and invited Ariane and Erica who were out to get the scoop on their marriage for Mimi and present Joseline with Mimi’s gift, a stripper pole. Joseline didn’t appreciate the gesture and warned Stevie that he should get his friends before she beat their a**. Joseline did admit to Erica and Ariane that she and Stevie have a wedding certificate. However, it is later revealed that they have not had a wedding. And in Joseline’s words, where are her mamacitas with the flowers?

Joseline wound up leaving her own event and drove off in Stevie’s car. In true Stevie fashion, he brushed it off and went to the strip club with Benzino only to come home to a pi*ssed off wife. Joseline told him to keep his baby’s mother’s friends in check before she slap them. We knew she meant business when she called him by his real name Steven Jordan. Stevie’s going to wine up in a headlock again!

This first episode was pretty lackluster, but from the looks of the super trailer, things will certainly pick up and we can’t wait!

What did you think of last night’s show?

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