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Here we go again…this time it’s Terrell Owens‘ turn to receive! (See what we did there?) TMZ is reporting that Terrell Owens is in trouble with the US Government over back taxes to the tune of $244,400 to be exact! Now Uncle Sam is reportedly coming for his money!

The former NFL superstar has been hit with the huge tax bill for allegedly failing to pay for almost $250k in 2012. That was the year Owens signed a deal for a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks … but was cut after only raking in $4,300.

It’s unclear where Owens made the rest of his money that year. 

It’s not the first time T.O.’s has been in financial trouble with the IRS. Between 2005 and 2009 he got himself into a debt situation that totaled a $430,000 and he just paid that tax lien off LAST YEAR! 

No word from T.O.’s camp yet…but we do find it interesting that he was just talking about how he should be the first black guy to be the bachelor on the ABC hit show “The Bachelora few days ago. If he was in this sort of trouble when he made that comment….it would solidify most opinions that he really doesn’t get what women like…and WHAT THEY DON’T! We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that most women who would go on the show “The Bachelor” don’t want a man who keeps getting in trouble with Uncle Sam….call it a hunch!

As usual….good luck Terrell!



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