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Subject: Do you think the problem is really me!

Hello Steve & Shirley,

I am a lesbian who is out. I recently met the women of my dreams. However, she was not out to her parents. She recently told her parents about us. Her parents told her not to bring me to their home again. Here is my dilemma. My wife’s father has slept with his wife’s sister, his wife’s sister daughter and his wife’s first cousin. He has babies by all of these ladies. All of his outside children are welcomed in his home. Which at last count he has about seven outside children by seven different women. He recently purchased a home for one of his outside children (son). My wife’s father would make his wife call his son (outside) and give him the key to his new home which her husband has purchased with their money. Did I tell you his new home is a few minutes from the home he and his wife occupy. My wife’s parents are born again Christian. My wife’s mother is a mother in the church, and her father is one of the elders in the church. All the women he sleeps with now and has slept with are welcomed in his home too. The women will come to his home, and he would go back in his bedroom with them and close the door and talk to these women while his wife sits in the front room watching TV. My wife’s family has events at their home all the time. My wife is okay with going without me. I have a big problem with it. What should I do, Steve? She tells me her parents are up in age and she wants to spend as much time with them as she can before her parents pass away. Steve, I am at my wit’s end with this situation. What should I do? Signed Confused

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