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Mr. T

Many know Mr. T to be a rough and tumble guy who will jack you up if you get out of line. Known also for his trademark mo-hawk hairstyle and zillions of gold chains around his neck, Mr. T has always been pretty predictable when speaking to crowds and cameras. But tonight something was very different…no extremely different. While being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Mr. T stepped up to the podium and what he said left the crowd full of disbelief.

Take a look at a sneak peek of the speech below!




We can’t wait to see this speech in its entirety…we passed a few tissues around over here just from the first few minutes.

And forgive us for bringing it up in the middle of such a touching story…but…what in the heck is in the water over at Mr. T’s house that he still looks that young? We’re pretty sure that man is somewhere between his late 50′s and early 60′s! He looks great no? But we digress!

Congratulations sir for your award and for having the courage to speak up for your convictions and beliefs! We are beyond impressed. Salute!



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