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Ask a random guy, ‘why men cheat?’ and he’s likely to say ‘because he can!’

There are many reasons someone might cheat on their significant other, but these days the popular consensus is that men cheat more easily and more frequently than women. We spend so much time in our office arguing with the opposite sex about the motivations behind their gender, we thought we should get some opinions from the stars. Check out what style maven, June Ambrose and rapper, Yung Joc (odd couple, we know) about why men cheat. You’ll be surprised with what they had to say!

HelloBeautiful: Is it true that all men cheat? Why do people think so?

Young Joc: Yes. I think it’s just a natural part of our animal instinct. It’s a part of us. We go out and hunt. In order to hunt, you have to finagle to survive and make it back home. In the process of being able to manipulate and dominate, other things happen in the process.

We could cheat physically and it won’t turn into anything, but if we cheat emotionally, you’re gonna have the hard lock and that’s generally going to turn into a physical thing too. We could smash and keep it moving. Women, when they start cheating emotionally, you done f*cked up, bro because that someone else has her mind and attention and a space in her heart. The heart works like a radio station. There’s only so many songs that could be played because it’s all about timing and how many slots are open. If you leave any slots open, somebody’s gonna fill in that blank. You cannot allow your woman’s attention to go anywhere else because your ass is gonna be in trouble if you do.

June Ambrose: Women cheat too, but I don’t worry about those things. I’m more afraid of you bringing something home than the action of cheating. It could happen and how you recover is the most important thing. Everyone’s decision is their own. I think if you constantly remind your partner how meaningful they are while you’re in the relationship, they will find it harder to feel the need to go out and look for something else because you’re having an open conversation about what can I do to make you want me, vice versa.

I think it’s very one-sided. We [women] always work so hard to stay sexy and desirable for him, but I think the men have to work hard too. If you make your man feel like, you’re not the only one who can cheat, it might be a little bit different. I think, as women, we don’t make them feel like there’s any consequences because I feel like we love harder. But sometimes, you luck up and end up with a man who loves harder too and that’s a nice gift.

You can’t judge because you never know what everyone else’s value is on a relationship and what’s more important at the end of the day and people make mistakes. Are you stupid if you take someone back after cheating? You’re stupid if it’s happened multiple times. The conversation is, maybe you don’t want to be in the relationship? You have to do what’s right for you.

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