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While the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6 draws to an end Bravo dug up Kim Zolciak and  Sheree Whitfield for 15 more seconds of fame on an appearance of “Watch What Happens Live.”  What exactly have they been in the real,  real world?

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Kim is still sporting her wigs and is now a mother of 6 kids which pretty much as real as it gets. In addition to her daughters Brielle and Ariana, who we saw when she first entered the Bravo spotlight, she’s now got four kids with her husband Kroy: Kash, KJ and twins,  Kaia and Kane. At this rate she’ll have a TLC show in no time.

As for Shree? NeNe’s old rival doesn’t regret being (allegedly) booted from the show, she even keeps up with it from time to time. “I don’t think Kenya is that bad; I think she’s good for the show,” Sheree said. “But I will say this it’s better to watch the train wreck than be a part of the train wreck.” (No, Porsha. That’s not an actual train she’s talking about).

Of course Andy asked about that clothing line, She By Sheree, that once promised “fashions” from Project Runway designer Mychael Knight. “I have some jewelry but I also have T-shirts I’m still selling,” Shree stuttered. If the shirt doesn’t say “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo” she’s still missing the whole point. ”I’ve kind of…right now I’m working on a fitness DVD; I just taped it a week ago,” Sheree added as Andy Cohen threw in overly enthusiastic cheers like “Great!!!” and “Oh Good!!!” the way your proud parents did in 3rd grade. After an entire season of dealing with Phaedra and Kenya’s booty wars, doesn’t it seem a little late for Sheree to be jumping on the fitness video bandwagon?

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And whatever became of that massive mansion that Sheree once boasted she was building?  “Château Neverland was on MTV Cribs,” Sheree said, referencing NeNe’s nickname for the property. “I’ll have to check for that,” Andy laughs. Yeah, those receipts must’ve disappeared, though we do remember getting a glimpse of le Château on Sheree’s stint on  “Iyanla Fix My Life”…before reports claimed she lost the home to foreclosure.

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While Andy tried to get the old RHOA members to talk a little crap about NeNe, the old stars have finally learned their lesson and don’t take the bait. “We’re good now,” Zolciak said. Which is a good thing because NeNe called in to join in the fun.  Of course, the current reality star really only had a shameless plug announcement that she’ll be kicking off her season of “Dancing With The Stars” tomorrow with a cha cha in the opening number, but she did briefly address the”original members.” “I miss having to fight with them every now and again,” NeNe said.

The show must go on….

Fast forward to this season: Porsha is really trying to make this singing thing happen and debuted a very small teaser of her first single, which you can hear below:

Sheree summed up Porsha’s single teaser by saying “that was enough”…. do you agree?

 Do you miss Sheree and Kim on RHOA? 

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