Subject: I have two boyfriends and I want to settle down with one of them

Dear Steve Harvey and Morning Show Crew,

I know this sounds messed up, but I have two boyfriends. one is in jail and the other I live with. now let me start with the one I live with, when I ask him about his goals and are future he says he’s going day by day. now to me it seems he doesn’t have his goals and priority’s in order he has two beautiful kids but his crazy baby mother wont always let him see them,  i don’t know I love him n he says he loves me. he’s a good guy and does a lot for me at the same time he lacks motivation on different levels so I’m not sure if i should keep pursing a life with him or let him go since i moved out-of-state he still keep in touch n he’s working on some stuff but not really a career like i don’t know how to explain it.. please help me Now the guy in jail he’s motivated got a game plan very family oriented n knows what he wants to do when he gets out n how he wants to change his life around. no more bs he wants a family n he wants to provide for his family. he also is a great motivator. I don’t know I love him to. I don’t know how its possible to love two men but I do. I pray that God will help me thru this n I pray you might be able to give me some advise I really need it.

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