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hustlenflowdjayWhen something becomes a hit in pop culture, the natural response is to make fun of it. And with billions of fans and sales around the world, it was only a matter of time before Hip-Hop got a turn. The worst part of the satire is when it gets a little confusing figuring out the funny from the factual–take Trinidad James for example.

But hey at the end of the day, everyone should be able to laugh at themselves and we here at T.U.D. are no different. Here are a few movie rappers that made us laugh and cry during their time on the silver screen.

5) Brown Sugar = Ren & Ten

This is one of those joints that really hit close to home. Two cornballs loaded with gimmicks and seriously lacking talent, signed personally by the C.E.O. that sucked so bad they made their A&R quit and start his own label. They could have named this movie Industry Rule #4080.

4) Tropic Thunder = Alpa Chino

This is the flossy baller, who after topping the charts is now making the transition into movies. All in all, it’s a pretty typical rapper story. Did we mention that he’s also a closet homosexual? With the exception of the fact that Alpa comes out in the end, that’s probably kinda typical, too.

3) Hustle & Flow = Djay

Tales of a weed hustling pimp who, after some encouragement, decided he was musically gifted and needed to share his trials and tribulations through Hip-Hop. You have to wonder how many struggle bars this movie is personally responsible for. All I’m saying is, hard times don’t always equal dope music… no matter how many Oscars they win.

2) Fear Of A Black Hat = N.W.H.

A big parody flick about rappers that was just borderline embarrassing for Hip-Hop in general. The movie was based on a California group that seemed to be a mix between NWA, PM Dawn and Public Enemy. The three man crew couldn’t make up their minds between being political and ignorant so even when they had good points, they still sound like confused idiots. Yeah, sounds about right.

1) CB4 = MC Gusto

So let me get this straight, an average guy wants in to the music business so bad that he steals the name, persona and reputation of an actual gangster and uses all three to catapult himself into Hip-Hop stardom. Gonna go out on a limb and say that Rick Ross has seen this a time or two.


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