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Subject: I Love Him And Need Him

Dear Steve and Shirley,

At this very moment, I’m hurting like I’ve never hurt before. After 8 years, my boyfriend says it’s over. I love him sooo much. He is the reason for me living. I was sexuality abused growing up. My uncle even made a sexual advance toward me, dying in the hospital. I’ve been married twice and both ended, due to the anger I’ve held. My boyfriend has helped me overcome the majority of my issues, but I still have some issues. My last husband refuses to sign divorce papers in which I filled in 2007. He said he would make me suffer. Now its 2013 and I’m still married. I don’t have funds to pursue it more. My current boyfriend has given up on me because I’m not divorced. I can’t carry a child for him. I’ve had numerous miscarriages. My first husband was gay and the second didn’t want children. I was bitter and took my current man for granted. All the while, he was there for me. I was in corporate America for 20 years and I lost my job due to merger. He followed me around the world to pursue my dreams. He is 13 years younger than I am. I am sorry and I need him. But he says he has sacrificed too much for me to treat him poorly. He wants out.

Please help

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