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According to TMZ, Lamar Odom admits to relapsing last week during the filming of that weird freestyle video where he seems to be saying he cheated on Khloe.  However he insists that he was s**faced drunk and not on a crack binge. Let’s take another look at that video below!

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Lamar allegedly told friends he’s seen the video of himself with his fellow shirtless friend Jamie Sangouthai on TMZ. ( By the way…where are their shirts? Why are two dudes rhymin in the bathroom without shirts on? Just makes it even stranger…but we digress!)

Sources tell TMZ Lamar claims it was a one time deal and no drugs were ever involved.  He has supposedly been very honest about battling his demons with cocaine and crack in particular.

The pressures that are no doubt on his shoulders are huge…not exactly the best situation for a rehabbing athlete trying to get back in both the games of basketball and life.

Lamar insists he’s now clean and training hard at the University of Rhode Island. We just hope that being healthy mind, body and soul for himself first and the world second are his priorities. If he doesn’t put himself first…then we’re probably going to be seeing more shirtless bathroom raps…just saying.


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