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So you’ve worked a miracle and found yourself in a club on New Year’s Eve without having to mortgage your home. After working up a sweat you need a drink, but the crowd around the bar is three rows deep. How do you make sure you have libations in hand before the countdown begins?

Well reached out to one of our favorite bartenders, Tiffany, from Harlem’s go-to spot for a good drinks, The Red Rooster, to get an insider’s view on how to get–and keep– the attention of your mixologist on during the holidays.

1) Money Talks: “If you’re ordering from the bar the easiest way is to have your money out before you order. If I see someone with money in their hand it means they are ready to go and they won’t be digging in their pocket. If you are using a credit card start a tab.”

2) Go All In: “Order your entire order at once.”  There is nothing more annoying to a bartender than making your two drinks, placing them in front of you and you add three more drinks to the order. “And decide ahead of time if everyone is ordering the same spirit/drink.”

3) Keep It Simple Stupid: “Don’t order any of the specialty cocktails. They are more time consuming to make. Keep it simple to something like Jack and Coke. Long Islands are fine but they’re a little tacky.  No one orders them for the taste, they just want to get hammered.”

4) Look At Me Now: “Establish eye contact. That is the main thing. This way you know you’ve been seen.”

“If  you’re a girl, show some t*tties. If you’re a guy…get a girl to show some t*tties”

5) Just The Tip: “If you’re paying in cash and have your money out, if the bartender needs to make change give them the cash tip right there or tell them ‘I only need 5 back.’ Leave a cash tip if even if you use your credit card, that way they’ll know you’re a good tipper.”

6)Plan Ahead: “If you’re planning a champagne toast, order it by 11:30 with your glasses. This way you’ll know you’ll have it by midnight.”

7) Show Some Teeth: “Smile, be the friendly customer. Don’t be the pissed impatient customer. Do something to let them know you realize they’re struggling and have to work on the holidays.  Say something positive.”

8) Get Familiar: “If you are with someone who knows the bartender that helps. We don’t admit it but we do play favorites. Go with a bottle if you can. At the Rooster we don’t do bottle service but we do sell bottles of wine or or champagne. Prosecco is only $40.”

9) Water Dance: Hydration is key but don’t abuse it. “Bottled water is fine but it’s the glasses of water (that annoy bartenders).  It takes just as long for me to pour a glass of water as to make a Jack and Coke. And people don’t tip on the water. I’ll get at least a $1 on the Jack and Coke. Some people order one Long Island Iced Tea and keep asking for water for the rest of the night because they’re hammered. So order a big bottle of water if you want water.”

10)”Bottles Up”: When all else fails, “Get bottle service. This way you have the least amount of interaction with wait staff and bartenders. You can pour it yourself and don’t need to get anyone’s attention. It can be a bottle of wine or vodka.”


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