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Because these days, raping girls and bragging about it on social media has become a thing…I’ve got to report something that turns my stomach merely typing it. A group of teen boys in West Auckland, New Zealand, who call themselves The Roast Busters have been getting girls as young as 13 intoxicated, gang raping them and broadcasting it on their sick Facebook page of the same name (that has since been taken down) for two years now. What’s worse about this entire story is that New Zealand’s police say they can’t do anything about the group or their raping for leisure! Oh and police have confirmed that one of the boys is the son of a high-profile entertainer, and the other is the son of a police officer. There goes that same privilege we say in the Steubenville and Maryville rape cases.

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Reports claim the police have known about this group since their start, yet no arrests have been made. Detective inspector, Bruce Scott has said that “none of the girls have been brave enough to make formal statements to us so we can take it to a prosecution stage or even consider a prosecution stage.” Even though police have investigated, collected evidence and the rapists only brag on social media, even at one point recruiting new members, police still do nothing to take these young criminals to court. Detective Scott has also said, “The reason we have not prosecuted anybody is we don’t have sufficient evidence at this stage.” Well isn’t that interesting?!

The boys, who are between the ages of 17 and 18, can be seen in their videos, driving around in what they call “The Roast Mobile.” One of the members says, “We pick them up, never drop them off, roast them…” The young man in the photo on the left, Joseph Levall Parker, has left the group.

Anonymous interviews with some of the victims have helped in getting the Roast Busters’ Facebook page shut down. “They don’t understand how I feel inside; they don’t understand how this has hurt me,” one victim says.

It’s being reported that as a result of publicity around the case, one of the young men who previously declined to cooperate presented himself at a police station early this afternoon. Another member is also being interviewed by police. At least, now there is an investigation happening and maybe, just maybe justice will be served.

“We continue to look for evidence that will assist us in determining whether there has been any criminal offending and then once we’ve got this evidence we can make a determination on what our next move is,” Detective Scott claimed. That all sounds wonderful, but this is the same man who said, “Bragging doesn’t make evidence.”

What type of world do we live in? Protecting yourself from predators online and in the flesh is a difficult task. The Roast Busters operate in both worlds, giving the young women in New Zealand who are victims a bigger obstacle than they’re ready for–the shame of rape and the shame of it being broadcasted. But these are the times we live in, where social media is king.

At least the powers that be in New Zealand are starting to act against such crimes. Reports claim that Prime Minister John Key said today the “disturbing and disgusting” behavior of the group will be unlawful under a bill about to be introduced to Parliament. He said that their practice of naming a particular young woman would be unlawful under a law the Government is about to introduce, the Harmful Digital Communications Bill. “But it is actually a bigger issue and it is just extremely disturbing and disgusting behavior and these young guys should grow up,” he said.

Justice Minister Judith Collins said the bill should Include:

• Making it an offense to send messages and post material online that is grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing or knowingly false, punishable by up to 3 months imprisonment or a $2,000 fine.

• Creating a new civil enforcement regime that includes setting up or appointing an approved agency as the first port of call for complaints.

• Allowing people to take serious complaints to the District Court, which will be able to issue sanctions such as take-down orders and cease-and-desist notices.

• Creating a new offense of incitement to commit suicide, even in situations when a person does not attempt to take their own life, punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.

What do you think about this rape group, The Roast Busters?

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