Subject: Engaged To A Side Piece

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have a guy friend and we had admired each-other for 10 years. During the 10 years friendship he was involved with someone else and I was in a dysfunctional relationship. He would always make moves on me when ever we would see each other out. I stayed clear of him because I knew him and his partner were swinger’s. 2 years ago after I was a 1 year out of my dysfunctional relationship. We started seeing each other. He said he was out of his relationship as well. I explain to him that I was not into the swinging thing nor would I tolerate cheating. 1 year after us dating I happen to discover by accident via social media, that he was involved with another woman. I shut it down! I sent the other woman a message, just to alert her the man who she’s madly in-love with sleeps in my bed 4 nights a week. And it’s 4 nights of sheet action! I sent her this message not to hurt her but to alert her, AIDS is real! I then told him to never contact me ever again. 6 weeks after this took place I ran into him in the grocery store. He begged and pleaded with me that he loved me and missed me! And that he would do whatever it takes to get me back. I have always thought a lot of this man! He loves and admires his mother and siblings. He handles his business as a man. He has a good job, a college graduate, a frat brother and good family back ground. Needless to say later on that day I decided to check out the social media that I discover his involvement with another woman. To my surprise they are engaged to get married! The moral of this story is I have slept with him a couple of times since I discovered the engagement. I really don’t want him and the sex was okay. I really can’t tell you why I slept with him after the facts. Now he’s engaged and told me that she wanted to get engage to make someone else jealous! Lol! In my mind I just wanted to turn him out and forget him. Now he call’s me from blocked numbers, morning, noon and night! When I do answer he acts as if everything is cool and that he’s not engaged. He will not stop calling me! Perhaps I am to blame! I should have Never Slept again. How do I get rid of this man!

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