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Chilli and T-Boz probably didn’t realize how much trouble they’d be stirring up with the release of their VH1 biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” Everyone from Left Eye’s uncle to L.A. Reid and Pebbles’ daughter Ashley are coming for their heads. During a recent Ustream, on Ashley’s radio show “Reid All About It,” the young Reid went in on Chilli, claiming the ATL singer had an affair with her father:

“I’m not gonna talk about Chilli sucking my father’s d-ck or most of the d**ks in the industry in the 90′s…I won’t talk about that. The fact that she sucked mostly everybody’s d**k in the 90’s, that has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person.”

Ashley also threatened Chilli via Twitter last week.

“ …and I just want to clear up what I meant when I said on Twitter, ‘Chilli I can’t wait to see you honey,’ what I meant by that was I can’t wait to see you to beat your f**king face into the concrete.”

And on the other TLC-tip…

Fans were stunned when VH1 omitted Chilli and Usher’s storyline from the super successful TV film. Chilli responded to the controversy:

“It just didn’t fit into the part of the film because you got to understand when we did this – telling our story – it’s from the beginning. The people in our lives in the beginning were the people that you saw. So as time went along, Usher didn’t have – I don’t know our relationship wasn’t so significant when it came to my group – that was a different story because he was our producer. Tionne got married – and really we didn’t even go on her marriage because the fact that she was told that she could never have kids and she had Chase – then it made sense for you to kind of touch on that a bit. So with more so, what we were really dealing with was the most important part that we wanted people to see. All the other little things, who we dated here and all the other loves in our lives, to me it just didn’t make sense to put in there; so it wasn’t like it’s intentional, it just wasn’t necessary.”


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