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Subject: My Daddy Or My Lover

Dear  Shirley,

I been dating this older man he is now 43 and I am 24. I thought things would be smooth sailing because he’s older but they’re not it’s the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. We break up often and whenever I do leave he stalks me he once got arrested for peeping into my bedroom window and on another occasion he cut the wires to the fan and hose on my brand new car (needless to say I don’t have that car anymore). I work with law enforcement and has recently found out he tried to make me lose my job but still like a dummy I go back feeling sorry for him when he begs. I know I don’t need him and I’m not an ugly girl I have a future and I think he’s trying to destroy it. I wanna leave him but I’m afraid he will never let that happen…What Should I Do With My Crazy Old Man???

Listen to Shirley and Nephew Tommy respond to this letter below:

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