Drake may not afraid to be vulnerable in his music but please do not call him emotional!

During a recent interview in his hometown of Toronto, the Young Money star said he hates when people label him as lonely and emotional just because he’s honest in his music.

“I’m 26 working as hard as I possibly can with my friend who I grew up with, making my family happy. I’m so sick of people saying I’m lonely and emotional and associating me with this longing for a woman. I hate that,” he said. “It bothers me so much because I don’t make…I do make music that makes you feel something, [but] I’m actually not that guy in real life. I’m very happy. I’m not content by any means, I want to keep working, but I’m a happy person. I’m very excited. My life is constantly exciting. It’s not some sad, depressing story.”

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He went on to say that his ability to be transparent is sign a of “the ultimate confidence.”

“I’m just a human being willing to show you that I’m human. I don’t know if it’s a paradox or a rare character trait, it’s just that a lot of people will only show you the confident side, especially in music because the vulnerable side is like, I don’t want to go there. I’m okay to go there,” he revealed. “That to me is supreme confidence. The fact that I can express the issues that I’m having with family, with women, or with self. The fact that I can express that to me is the ultimate confidence.”

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough credit or I’m not making a big enough impact because I’m not enough of a loose cannon in situations,” he added. “People just want me to go off more and lose my composure and then that way I guess I would make more headlines or be more iconic. That’s not me. I’m a naturally poised individual. I don’t just want to come out making mistakes.”

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Drake said another thing that really gets under his skin is when people think he grew up rich.

“This is another thing that bothers me, I didn’t grow up in a white neighborhood. I grew up on Weston Road for a lot of my life. I only moved to Forest Hill because my mother is an incredible woman who was willing to live far beyond her means for the sake of her family,” he said. “We rented someone’s basement and the first floor. I didn’t have some mansion. I grew up with a mother that was deep in debt because she wanted the best for her family.”

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